Top Content Marketing Tools Used For Creating Great Online Campaigns

Content marketing is very much profitable if you use it with right tools. Content marketing tools make your life much easier and enables you to achieve huge success. If you want to be successful, it is mandatory to have proper plan with right strategies and tactics.

Below is the list of certain best content marketing tools used by various Digitalmarketing company In India.

1. Google Keyword Tool-: It is the best tool that enable you to find effective keyword ideas. It will also let you know about the performance of the same.

2. Copyscape-: It is a plagiarism online checker and a paid tool. Here, you can find out whether the content is duplicate or not.

3.Google Keyword Planner-: For a Google Keyword Planner, one need to required to have a Google Adwords account. With the help of Google Keyword Planner you will be able to know the density of keyword searched by the customers. That can be low, high and medium.

4.Buzzsumo-: It enables you to find the content which is most viral. It is paid and also have a free version too. It helps you to share your content on different platforms.

5.Contently-:This will help you to share your content with different publishers and also help in optimizing its performance.

6. Google Trends-: As the name suggests it will gives you knowledge about latest news, trends and updates. It gives you in depth information about trending topics.

7. Headline Analyzer-: This tools is used by various Digitalmarketing services as it help you to optimize the headlines of your content. It will give you marks or grades and suggests various methods to make your headline more better.

8. Content Idea Generator-: It helps you to create unique content by suggesting you different ideas that one can use by incorporating trending keyword.

9. Evernote-: This is one of my favourite tool as it helps you to organize your content in particular format. It gather information from various areas to make a your content complete.

10. Pocket-: With the help of pocket you can get an idea about the trending topics or content which receives large number of attention. It gives you a blue print to make your content interesting and amazing.

11. Trello-: This tools is best for large scale businesses and quite high level of projects. This is an amazing tool which let you view all the details about the project in deep. It help you to create content calendars, and to trace the performance of your content.

12. Percolate-: This is a real time base content marketing tool which helps you to schedule your content and help you to share it on different platforms like Wordpress, Tumblr etc.

13. Hive-: This is free tool which stores all your content on cloud. It is one of best and secured tool that enable you to save your content without any tension or fear of data loss.

14. Digg-: It a social booking site where you can bookmark your content in distinct categories and also enables you to connect with various other users or viewer of your content.

15. Nuzzel-: It is social platform for busy professional that allow them to view the latest news and content shared by theri friends or by their network people.

16. Stumble Upon-: It is another social bookmarking site that is also quite popular as a content idea generator.

17. Hemingway-: This tool is used for creating oand editing the content.Hemingway is one of the useful tool which is used by Various digital marketing agency because it tracks readability, and extreme use of adverbs, use of passive voice, confused wording, and sentences which are tough to read.

18. Blog Topic Generator-: It gives you ideas about future content. It will give a list of blog content creation ideas for that year.

19. This tools help you customize online neewspaper. This also enables you to share you online daily on various social networking sites.

20. This tool is basically used to shortened your URL with advanced feature of content creation. It helps you to add different web page URL.

21.DivvyHQ-:It is an another editorial calendar management application that will keep you organized.

22. Track Maven-:This is a paid content marketing tool which track your content on diverse mediums in order to make you compare them with various existing competitors.

Above mentioned are some excellent content marketing tools, used to make your content error free and unique. ADDLEAD is the leading digital marketing service provider where you can get multiple digital marketing services including best content creation tools and content marketing to make you stand top among the crowd.

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