Top 6 Web Designing Tips That Designers Must Follow

You must have definitely heard of a popular English proverb,”beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. The same way when you get your website designed it is judged by the customers or the users not the owner of the website himself. There are countless factors that would affect the design of your website. When we say, the design does not only mean the look of the website but also its functions and how easy it is when it comes to using it. E-commerce website design is something that really needs to be made attractive and user-friendly. Those websites which are not designed well tend to perform poorly and have a very high bounce rate and a very low time on site.

After going through all these points you might also be wondering that what exactly makes a good design of the website. In this blog, you will explore the top web designing tips which would make your website aesthetically pleasing, effective, engaging and user-friendly. Your website design is quite important to communicate with your customers and users. You can try any conversation tactic to convince your customer but if your website is not appealing then it will not do you much good. Only designing part is not something that the designers do, it is always something beyond that. The e-commerce website design is all about your product and how it works.

Listed below are e-commerce website design tips that designers must follow:

1. Precedence: 

An informative and a good website is all about appropriate information with great designs. One of the biggest tools for the same is the precedence. The design of your website should be so good that the user should get captivated by the website design. This clearly signifies that your logo on the website is something that that is clearly noticed by the customers. Precedence is something that must go further. The users should be direct with a sequence of user-friendly steps. It is completely up to the designer that what you choose to show on your website. Some of the popular precedence tools are contrast, position, color, design elements and size.

2. Spacing:

Many of the beginner web designers have a perception that one needs to fill every empty space with unique designs but the concept over here is totally opposite. As a website designer, you should always keep a note of this thing that spacing makes things clearly visible and less clumsy. You need to follow three aspects of website designing and they are white space, line spacing, and padding. 


One of the most disappointing level that the user faces is when they are not able to navigate properly. There are sites that leave the user clueless about where they should go next. A perfect and an expert web designer is the one who manages to master the skill of the same. There are two aspects of navigation that the designer should keep in mind, they are: ‘Where to go next?’ and ‘Where are you now?’

4. The design to build: 

Building the concept of the design comes up to be quite easier since the time web designers have transitioned to the layout of CSS. The layout of the design holds a great importance even now. Some of the common questions that arise in your mind are: ‘Could it actually be done?, ‘What happens when you re-size your screen?’, ‘Is the repetition of the background necessary?’ and many such questions.

5. Usability:

Web design is not all about a pretty picture on your website. The usability of the website design also matters a lot. What if only people view your site and did not find it useful? If they find it useful they will spend time going through your website and that may tend to increase its usability.

6. Typography:

Text happens to be one of the most important elements of the website design. There are many things that you need to consider while deciding the typography for your web page, like the choice of font, size of a font, length of the line, spacing, color of the font and the paragraphing.

Each of the above points applies for travel and tourism website design as well. The more you manage to engage the customers to your site the more benefit you earn in online e-commerce service. Keeping a note of these tips will help you succeed in the long run.

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