6 Myths About SEO That You Should Stop Believing

There are many such myths about SEO services which if put into practice will make your online presence and marketing strategy fail. They actually do not have any value for taking your website to a good level. The desired result will come your way only when you use SEO tricks wisely. Probably, you may feel disgusting to know that you have spent many days in the past working and putting efforts on something really useless. So, every time you avail SEO services you need to make sure that you get such services that are considered valid and by Google. In this blog, you will come across some myths about SEO that you earlier considered good enough for your website. Have a look at each point carefully.

Listed below are some myths about SEO service that you should stop believing:

SEO is a scam:

Myth:  SEO consultants charge you a lot when they provide you with their services. People believe that the services provided by them are not up to the mark, you may get penalized too.

Fact: SEO is indeed not a scam. Not all companies use spam to get the fastest and better search result. No matter how good the ranking of the website is, once Google finds it, it will be penalized heavily. There are companies which do not operate with exact ethics does not mean that SEO is not or safe. The overnight result is not guaranteed but you will see the good result with time.

Make changes at the earliest and the algorithm result comes out:

People believe that each time you update the organic search SEO ranking and the algorithm, you should make the required change in your site. This is done so that your site does not get outdated, but it is just a myth.

Fact: Every search engine keeps improving its algorithm constantly. If we talk about the example for the same, Google keeps altering its update approximately 500 times in a year. Thus, the user will only have to worry about the updates. If the right SEO services and tricks have been applied to your site, it will not be affected by this. There is no specific search algorithm. The only thing that you need to be particular about is the update that appears.

Optimizing your website for Google keeps you covered for all sites:

Myth: One does not need to worry about the optimization of content for any other search engine if you have already optimized it for Google.

Fact: Even if you optimize your content for Google search engine you also need to get it optimized for other sites. This helps you to become quite popular in a very short period of time. Missing out even one may be a problem for you when it comes to good ranking.

Unless you are selling the product the HTTPS is not important: 

Myth: It is a myth that only if you have an e-commerce website your HTTP is important for you.

Fact: Irrespective of the type of online business that you have, you need to give importance to the HTTP of your website.

The H1 of the website improves the organic positioning:

Myth: The use of H1 will improve the SEO ranking.

Fact: If the technical approach is taken, it is not correct. It makes the content look quite organized but it does not contribute to SEO directly. The use of H1 and H2 does not matter much. Something which has importance is the relevant information on your website. The H1 and H2 factor has become the basic practice these days.

Link-building is penalized by Google:

Myth: Google does not like building back-links.

Fact: The fact is completely opposite to the myth. You get rewarded by Google for your website if you have included links of credible and relevant sources. If you are building a quality link you will not have to worry about the myth about back-links.

With this, we come to the end of myths about SEO services that we should stop believing. These have definitely created a bad impact on the users. They find it very difficult to figure out that what they should believe in and what they should not. This blog was written to clear the miss-conception of all such users. It is equally important for the users and the SEOservice providers.   

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